Oakland Raider Tony Bergstrom Talks MAN to MANFEED

Oakland Raider Tony Bergstrom Talks MAN to MANFEED

Posted by GreenLife Labs on Jan 12th 2013

January 12, 2013

During a charity event we got Tony Bergstrom to chat with us for a few minutes to ask him about his experience with our natural mass gaining product MANFEED PRO. Not only was he was a user and consultant of the product, with a background in chemical engineering, but he was also a University of Utah Offensive Line Captain until he was drafted 95th overall into the NFL by the Oakland Raiders in 2012. He had seen amazing results on the field and was determined to help get those results to others.

Here are some of the highlights of what he said, interesting tidbits about the natural construct of the product and how it has affected his performance!

"I have a background in chemical engineering, it's what I've been working on in my degree, and the biggest thing I've learned through that is that nature is the best engineer. There's not a whole lot we can do in a lab that does better than nature, and we use natural products 'cause your body is naturally engineered to break those down, to utilize them, to digest them."

"When you take MANFEED, it's something your body's already built to use. It knows exactly how to use it. In my experience, it uses it very well and very efficiently."

"MANFEED hasn't just been a great product for putting on weight or taking off weight, it's also been a great strengthening product. I've never been stronger than I was when I was on MANFEED. I broke every one of my personal records. I was one of the strongest guys at Utah. I was benching somewhere near 455 when I was on MANFEED. I know my coach came up to me and wanted to know what I was taking, so it's been a great product for getting me stronger. It also helps with endurance and speed."

Tony Bergstrom is one of the many professional athletes that has benefited from the use of MANFEED PRO. What is holding you back?

Check out the actual video here:

Tony Bergstrom Interview on Youtube