Kristy Jo Hunt LOVES Fit4Her

Kristy Jo Hunt LOVES Fit4Her

Posted by GreenLife Labs on Feb 15th 2014


What an honor to have Kristy Jo Hunt think so highly of our product! Here's what the fitness icon said:

"As a nationally-ranked figure competitor, coach to hundreds of everyday gym-goers as well as athletes and bodybuilders, stumbling across the Fit-4-Her and ManFeed products was a dream come true! In my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, I address the need for us to come back to real foods to meet our goals. These nutraceutical products are some of the best I have ever found in meeting the energy, nutrient, and taste needs that an individual can have. They blow other proteins and meal replacement shakes out of the water when compared side-by-side! My clients and followers of the PFL love the taste of these products, and enjoy incorporating the shakes into their balanced and strategic meal plans. I personally used this product for 3 months before I ever endorsed it. I still use it day-to-day and am happily proclaiming it is the best nutritional addition to a healthy lifestyle a male, or female, can make!"

Kristy Jo Hunt

CPT/FNS/Author/Nationally Ranked Figure Competitor