Fit 4 Her

Fit 4 Her

Sep 28th 2017


One of the best products on the market for women today!

Fit4Her was developed specifically for women’s health. Fit4Her is a complete blend for women and provides proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and good carbohydrates.

 Fit4Her contains a complete vitamin mineral blend that replaces the need to take daily multi vitamins and minerals.

 Fit4Her uses multiple sources of protein that the body uses differently and good carbohydrates required for energy.

 We have also included Transfer Factor with Probiotics. Transfer Factor is a patented formula that helps strengthen the immune system by identifying and removing harmful bacteria and viruses that are introduced to the body every day. There are also two probiotics for digestion and yeast infection.

 Contains whole Chia seeds, considered a super food that provides omega 3, B complex, fiber, and protein and supports digestion, hydration, endurance, as well as reduces inflammation.

FIT(4)HER is a superior product that can be used after a hard workout or as a meal replacement for weight loss. Serious about weight loss, have Fit4Her as breakfast and dinner and eat sensibly during the day. 140 Cal per serving (: Use Almond or Soy Vanilla Milk for a great taste.