About ManFeed PRO


ManFeed PRO - The Ultimate Mass Gainer

ManFeed pro is a weight gain product that is healthy and NCAA compliant. We created it through simplifying the ingredients and by not using chemicals and compounds that we have found in our research to be harmful to the human body's health. Now many professional and collegiate athletes are enjoying the benefits of this product; the most exciting thing is ManFeed PRO is constructed of only 9 simple ingredients:


    1. White Rice Flour
    2. Soy Flour (made from ground whole edamame)
    3. Non-Fat Milk Powder
    4. Chia Seeds
    5. Dextrose
    6. Cocoa Powder
    7. Natural Flavor
    8. Sucralose
    9. Transfer Factor with Probiotics (to eliminate harmful bacteria and enhance digestion)*


That's it. There's nothing more.

No hidden ingredients, no bull.


It was created with the help of a doctor and a nurse that specialize in nutrition and gut health. ManFeed PRO is more than a bag of sugar and low-quality protein. It is made of highly-digestible ingredients that are beneficial to your body.

*Transfer Factor with Probiotics, Patent Nos. 6505413 and 6962718.


      Included below is more information regarding the ingredients of ManFeed Pro